A Picture Says A Thousand Words…So I Don’t Have To

I stumbled upon this image while I was procrastinating (something I do often and am very good at) and it really caught me off-guard. When you scroll down and can only see the upper-half of the image it looks like a run-of-the-mill redneck woman holding two guns up in glee. Seeing only the top half made me smirk at the idea of this stereotypical idiot American who thinks that the fact her country gives her the right to bear arms makes America better than the rest of the world. As I viewed the whole image however, the smirk on my face disappeared. This image, frankly, is unsettling.

The way it juxtaposes the innocence of an unborn baby with huge killing devices to some degree represents American culture in my opinion. Children are being exposed to guns before they’re even born, and being brought up believing that owning a gun is a basic human right. The woman looks very proud which leads the audience to wonder if she’s proud of the small human growing inside her, or of the guns in her hands, and the ghostly figure of a military man in the background who seems to be advancing on her makes the image even more disturbing in its connotations of America being a military state.

The viewer’s eye is instantly drawn to the woman’s purposely exposed stomach, and the vector lines lead us to look at the many guns on the wall, some of which appear to be aimed at the unborn child, which could be argued also represents the high rate of schoolyard shootings in America.

This image is obviously set up to be controversial and disturbing, but the connotations it represents are unfortunately all too real.Image


More, more more?

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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/24/guns-children_n_2359661.html (Article about children and guns in America)